10 Signs You Will Become Successful By 30

10 Signs You Will Become Successful By 30

What does success look like to you? Are you wondering if you will become successful? Whatever success looks like to you, we at Psych2go know that you can do it, no matter your mental health problems. Here are 10 signs that you will become successful by 30, produced in collaboration with Matt Bodnar, 30 under 30.

Matt Bodnar was named Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017. He currently has his own podcast, The Science of Success, where he’s interviewed 200 + experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and business. If you enjoy this video, and you believe you can do it with the power of “psychology” head over to his podcast at https://www.successpodcast.com

Action Plans You Can Take Away:
Set aside 15 minutes for a contemplative routine by journaling what’s in your mind or doing a meditation.

Suggested video(s):

Guided Meditation for Anxiety, Stress or Relaxation – White Light Meditation with Yuri Choi

Email in your 15 minutes routine for a chance to be featured in our channel.


Script Writer: Matt Bodnar
VO: Jenny Lea
Animator: Francesco
Script Editors: Austin Fabel, Elliot Figuierra, & Tai Khuong
Project Manager: Cindy Cheong & Tu Tai Khuong
Associate Partners: Adam Leung, Austin Fabel, Yumika Tsui, Kelly Soong & Elliot Figuierr

Want to be involved in our projects, email us at editorial@psych2go.net with what you’re working on.

Transcript to this video: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18icZU-hAz_FLt-WIp3eNgWPhC3l8bSCIMuBrIWSuAQw/edit?usp=sharing

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