100 YEARS OF WEIRD PARENTING | Parenting Styles & Trends in History

100 YEARS OF WEIRD PARENTING | Parenting Styles & Trends in History

Mom of 3 explores the crazy past of parenting from 1910 to today. This video reviews 20 weird parenting styles and trends through history. Many would be considered completely UNNACCEPTABLE today. From baby cages, giving your 6 month old baby coffee, and relentless societal mommy shaming. You will be thankful you live in 2019 after watching this

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So glad you landed on my channel! My channel is my hobby and the only thing I have for myself at this point with 3 kids under 3 (2 year old twins and baby). My goal is to make weekly videos that entertain and inform moms on anything & everything. Subscribe & LIKE if you enjoyed this video. It helps me know the kind of videos you want more of!

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WEIRD Parenting Styles & Trends Last 100 Years: https://youtu.be/eG-7BGqk9zI

Mai Zimmy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NjT5Ub4021JuNoL4PW_dg

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