6 Parenting Tips for Making Friends mp4

6 Parenting Tips for Making Friends mp4

This YouTube Video helps parents teach children 6 of the social skills from Character Building Stories: Friendship Skills for Raising Happy Children at Amazon.com http://goo.gl/FyFZ8e Cartoon stories, activities, and 75 tips are included.

Character Building Presents 6 Tips to Help Your Child Make Friends


How Parents Can Help Kids Make Friends

Rubber Band Ruby Learns to Play Other Kids’ Games

Eyeball Eddie Pin Learns Direct Eye Contact

Upbeat Betty Learns This Social Skill for Making Friends

Bentley the Braggart Needs to Give Praise

Ice Breaker Brenda Learns This Communication Skill

Nail Biting Nate Learns To Take a Breath

KidsDiscuss.com http://bit.ly/QoJDgi

Pick up These Friendship Skills with Stories, Activities, and Rhymes

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