A Plane Lost One Wing So a Pilot Decided to Do This

A Plane Lost One Wing So a Pilot Decided to Do This

It was a regular training day for the Israeli Air Force. Several combat jets were up in the air, simulating an aerial fight. One of those jets was an F-15 Eagle that already had some history and even got a nickname — Markia Schakim, which means “Sky Blazer” in Hebrew.

Piloting the jet was a new member of the Air Force, Zivi Nedivi, and behind him sat his instructor and navigator, Yehoar Gal, an experienced pilot himself. The training exercise they were performing wasn’t anything out of the ordinary drill: two F-15s were to get away from four A-4 Skyhawks in the open sky over the desert. If everything went according to plan and instructions, no danger would come to any pilots or aircraft. At least that’s what everyone believed…

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The situation goes out of hand 1:15
Flying on a single wing 2:37
What the eyewitnesses saw 5:48
Is it a plane or a rocket? 🚀 7:22
Why the pilot was demoted and… promoted 8:05

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– Nedivi, being a member of the outnumbered team, wove through the skies, dodging enemy attacks and looking out for an opening to issue his own. It was an impressive sight, and the young pilot was doing spectacularly well.
– One of the Skyhawk pilots saw an opportunity to attack an Eagle with a missile and tried to zero in on his target. What he didn’t see was that the other F-15, piloted by Nedivi, was right above him.
– At this point, both the pilot and his instructor should have ejected, leaving the aircraft to fall but saving their lives. Neither did, though.
– The jet had lost control and was going down at a 30-degree angle to the ground, making crazy twists and spirals.
– The pilot and his instructor had very bad visuals and, looking around them, they couldn’t see that their right wing was torn at the root.
– Nedivi really managed to get the controls back and leveled the jet. It was now time to wholly evaluate the situation and the condition of the Eagle.
– As he approached the airfield, Nedivi requested the ground crew to deploy the safety net and catch the F-15 if necessary.
– The eyewitnesses say they didn’t believe what they were seeing: a one-winged fighter Eagle was speeding like a bullet along the landing strip, its tail hook torn out by the sheer force of the tug… and then it miraculously stopped just 35 ft before the safety net.
– Its fuselage, the remaining wing, and the stabilizers at the rear helped the Eagle generate lift and stay under control.
– The amazing Eagle was fully repaired afterwards and served in the Air Force for several more years.
– As for the pilot, Zivi Nadivi, he remained in the Air Force too, of course. And his story after the incident is a bit amusing: first, he was demoted for disobeying orders from his instructor; and then he was immediately promoted for landing the aircraft and thus saving it.

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