Easy Ways To Raise Kids Who Love Being Outdoor – Nutshell School

Easy Ways To Raise Kids Who Love Being Outdoor – Nutshell School

14 Easy Ways To Raise Kids Who Love Being Outdoor | Smart Parenting Tips | Nutshell Videos

Here Are Few Tips and Easy Ways To Raise Kids

– Get your kids to help you plant seed starters, then watch them sprout and grow together.
– Teach them to identify trees, plants, and flowers that grow in your neighborhood, so you can both spot them out while walking.
– Remember that you are your child’s most important teacher and mentor, even when it comes to nature.
– Don’t be afraid to spend an afternoon simply wandering.
– Keep an eye out for animal tracks and feathers on walks and hikes.
– And try bird watching in your backyard or local park.
– Encourage kids to eat, read, and do their homework outdoors when possible.
– If your kid loves any excuse to borrow your phone, encourage them to take nature photos on your outings.
– Grow things your kids can nurture, pick, and then taste like herbs or tomatoes.

As soon as your toddler can walk, give some friends that stroller and let your child walk everywhere you go, whether around town or on a trail. Sure, walking with a little one requires patience. But it turns children into strong hikers at a young age and gets them used to the idea that they will walk rather than be carried.

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I preferred a child-carrier backpack to a stroller, even in urban settings, for those occasions when one of my kids needed a break from walking. It gives you exercise, is more convenient on stairs, and helps communicate to kids that our family carries packs?that we?re hikers.

Don’t push your kids too hard. This one?s especially hard for parents who have always been very active, but pushing them risks creating a negative association with the outdoors. Start small, with short hikes, and work gradually up to longer outings. Think of it as pulling them along rather than pushing them. This also helps prevent the need to abandon plans, which is sometimes necessary (see tip #5) but can be disappointing for everyone involved.

What’s familiar and easy to you may seem scary and intimidating to a kid. Evaluate your child’s readiness for something new based not just on its physical difficulty, but how well your child handled previous experiences that presented comparable stress.

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