Fix PARENTING, Fix the World: 10 Ways by Nutnfancy

Fix PARENTING, Fix the World:  10 Ways by Nutnfancy

Fix parenting, fix the world. Unsurprisingly there is a direct correlation. If you don’t like the way the world has gone and is going, look at the family and how it functions. What kind of people are we producing for society? Think about how you grew up. Were you happy with the process? How did it affect how you turned out as a person? Chances are you would change some things of your childhood and your upbringing. The question is, are YOUR children thinking the same thing. Now’s the time to change and change can happen. Raising a secure, responsible, tough, well adjusted, happy, confident, skilled child will be your greatest accomplishment. It deserves your greatest attention and energy. In this landmark TNP philosophy video, 10 ways are given to maybe improve parenting these valuable children. Frank discussion ensues, drawing upon my own upbringing and then being a Dad to my own children. Pivotal in the advice is ignoring pop culture for parenting (and how to be a kid) because they are destructive to society. And every family has destructiveness it has to OVERCOME. For instance I come from a family of alcoholics and drug abuse has been in my own family? Someone along the way decides he or she wants better for THEIR family and sets, reaches goals to turn a different direction. Both my mother and father did this and despite their flaws and a failed marriage (we all have them), did a pretty good job of doing it. There are many other ways to be a great parent and to best serve the kids you’ve been entrusted with but these are key.

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