Having Confidence in Your Parenting Style, Approach, and Decisions

Having Confidence in Your Parenting Style, Approach, and Decisions

Having Confidence in Your Parenting Style, Approach, and Decisions / CLICK “SHOW MORE” ↓↓↓↓

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There are times when I am just done with a particular episode of parenting. I have tried all of my tools, and I am still not getting the desired result with the child. I decide it is time to pass the parenting baton over to my honey.

I know, going in, that he will use a different technique than I do. Since I know that he has the kids interest at heart, and he will use sound, solid parenting techniques, and I admit that I am tapping out, I need to follow through with him being the point person.

I know he uses a more typical male – type, testosterone technique. At this point, I cannot intervene, or take back the baton or I will negate him as a parent. I know this is true, so, once I have passed the parenting baton to him, I leave it with him. Anything else will undermine his parenting.

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