School Projects & Parenting Skills?! • Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack Reaction!!

School Projects & Parenting Skills?! • Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack Reaction!!

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Old Grandpa Tate has one final adventure ahead for him: becoming a Plant Sim! The Plant Sim Challenge has been added to Sims 4 for this year’s Spring Update and we’re not going to be missing out – its time to talk to those plant sims and collect all the beans we need to grow the mystical plant sim portal!

Join us as we continue our adventures with the Greene Family as they live out their Sims 4 Legacy Challenge lives through all of the expansions, packs, updates, and quirks that the Sims 4 has to offer!

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• Seri is a biologist-in-training with an intense passion for plants and filling her house to the brim with finches, potted plants, and biology “specimens” that look oddly like snail shells, mossy, and twigs covering every available surface.

She is also big into spreading her love of the natural world through the entertaining medium of story-telling through video games! Jump on in and see what our amazing, animal-loving, plant-studying community is all about! And remember, stay curious!

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