Seattle Divorce Lawyers | Divorce Lawyers Seattle

Seattle Divorce Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers Seattle

Do you have competent Seattle Divorce Lawyers on Your Team?

Before heading into the daunting, often heart-rending act of obtaining marital dissolution, know what to expect, starting with: You will need Seattle Divorce Lawyers who understand that every Seattle divorce situation is unique, and no one plan works for every Seattle divorce situation.

In Washington State, the legal procedure is basically the same for every Seattle divorce, but there are procedural differences in different counties. The state provides specific rules both you and your divorce attorney, your spouse and spouse’s attorney must follow. If anyone involved in the proceeding fails to follow the rules, your situation could be severely compromised.

The Seattle divorce process is initiated by filing a Petition for Divorce. In most counties, the petition must be filed with other mandatory documents, with which your Seattle Divorce Lawyers will be quite familiar. The court will hold you responsible for following all requirements imposed on you; take this very seriously.

When a court has jurisdiction, it has the power to enter orders that must be followed by both parties. For example, if the parties cannot agree on who should live in the family home, or who should pay which bills, or where and with whom the children will live, either party may file a motion in court, asking the court to make a ruling. This is called a Temporary Order because it will only last until the final settlement, or a trial.

The next step is “Discovery”, the legal term for how both sides in a legal dispute work to gather all the facts. Discovery can be formal or informal. Often one spouse doesn’t have a clear picture of the couple’s finances. Maybe they don’t know the bank the other spouse uses, or they don’t know their spouse’s credit card situation. Likewise, it’s possible a spouse doesn’t know the opposing party’s position about a future parenting plan. When either of these situations arises, either party can initiate the legal discovery process. This process cannot be initiated until the court has jurisdiction. And again, you must follow the court’s decisions and rules.

In the event the parties are unsuccessful in settling their dispute, the final alternative is going to trial. Trials are very stressful and incredibly expensive, especially since the court has so many time-consuming requirements that must be followed by the parties and their lawyers. Once the court rules at the end of the trial, you have a decision you’ll have to live with, unless you appeal. An appeal will only be successful if you can find a legal error made by the judge. Most couples end up realizing they would rather settle and make significant compromises than submit their case to a judge who only knows the family dynamics from hearing a few days of evidence.

As Seattle Divorce Lawyers, we are experienced Trial Lawyers also. Should you end up going to trial, you will be extremely happy you chose us for your team.

In Washington State, to finalize a divorce, certain mandatory pleadings must be filed. Every case requires Findings and Conclusions About a Marriage, and a Final Divorce Order. If there are children, there must also be a Parenting Plan and Child Support Order accompanied by a Child Support Worksheet. These findings and decree are called Final Orders.

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