What Is Going To Prom Like? | Pre-Teen Proms | Real Families

What Is Going To Prom Like? | Pre-Teen Proms | Real Families

This film follows the children at two Scottish schools, albeit at opposite ends of the social spectrum: Riverside Primary in Livingston and Mearns Primary School in Newton Mearns. We follow the children over three months (April to June 2010) running up to the next inescapable round of this new rite of passage.

Told in diary form, with pupils on the schools’ prom committees acting as our guides and narrators, Pre-Teen Proms immerses us in the secret world of today’s 11-year-olds. Most parents now believe that childhood is over by 11. Are they right? And how do your background and home life affect the pressures of growing up?

By intercutting the experiences of two groups of children from very different areas, we discover the challenges across the class divide. A tale of two schools, two worlds. But underneath it all, are the Riverside and Mearns kids actually all that different?

Even if the kids aren’t, the parents are certainly poles apart. How do both sets of parents cope with the ever-spiralling demands of their children?

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